The more hostile a letter to Cookin' Cheap, the better chance it would be read on the air. We had a person down in Richmond, Virginia, who kept writing about how gross it was that we stuck our fingers into pots and pans to taste the food. We called her "The Finger Lady" and read with glee every word of chastisement.  

Here's some interesting pieces written about Cookin' Cheap over the years.
We apparently made some fans along the way.

The New York Times
"Best Cookin' Show Ever"

Georgia State University
"Country Cookin' and Cross-Dressin': Television, Southern White
Masculinities, and Hierarchies of Cultural Taste"
"Cookin' Up Some Laughs: Two Good Ol' Boys
From Virginia Are A Hit In Philly"

Smith Mountain Eagle
"Cookin' Cheap fame follows busy SML resident"

The Diner of Cville
"Cookin' Cheap."

Po' Folks
"Cookin' Cheap Revisited"